Please Acquire Your Licenses to enable you to Participate Fishing.

All Students will require their Tidal (Salt Water) Fishing License (under 16 no charge). Only Students who are 16 and older will need to purchase their Non-Tidal (Freshwater) license.

Tidal (Salt Water) license website

Non-Tidal (Freshwater) license website


Above is a School of Trout getting ready to be caught at the Fraser Valley Trout Hatchery!

Below is video ofa group from the Outdoor Education: Fishing course @ Rolley Lake watching the Fraser Valley Trout Hatchery employees stock the lake with 500 Fraser Valley Rainbow Trout.

Welcome to a rewarding opportunity to learn something new or build upon your fishing skills.

Our Mission is to:

  • Increase student involvement and instill a sense of school pride
  • Improve the student’s knowledge, understanding and appreciation of natural resources and how human actions impact the environment
  • To teach and provide the hands-on experience of fishing techniques to all youth
  • Bring together all levels of anglers and their families to fellowship and to improve their angling skills.
  • Develop and strengthen friendships with the community
  • Provide good times through fishing experiences!

We meet in room 1144 in Thomas Haney Secondary.

We would like to thank our biggest supporters because without you our program would not be able to have as many rich experiences :-)

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Parents Working Together to Connect and Communicate

other big supporters of our club include:

Most Important Fishing Resources

Fresh Water Fishing License - must have 16 years & older

Salt Water Fishing License - all must have, but only 16 & older need to pay for it.

2015-17 Freshwater Fishing Regulations

Staying Safe

Watershed Watch Salmon Society

Hook & Vice

Anglers Atlas

Fishing with Rod

Freds Custom Tackle Fishing Resources

Fishingnoob - for beginner anglers